Where To Explore

Mallards Pike

Description: Mallards Pike is a wonderful location, whatever time of day to enjoy a picnic, stroll around the lake or to admire the scenery.

Address: Mallards Pike, Lydney, Gloucestershire. GL15 4HD.


Description: Beechenhurst lies centrally in The Forest of Dean, offering a fantastic opportunity to start your sculpture trail walk, allow the children to play in the play area or have an outdoor bbq.

Address: Beechenhurst Lodge, Coleford, Gloucestershire. GL16 7EJ.


Description: Wenchford is a very popular picnic and bbq site which also has the lovely blackpool brook running through it. A perfect place to spend a lovely family afternoon.

Address: New Road, Blakeney, Gloucestershire. GL15.

Cannop Ponds

Description: Cannop Ponds is a very popular spot for fishing with its two man made lakes. With this comes wildlife and beautiful scenery, plus with it being at the base of the cycle track its a perfect place to start your forest walk.

Address: Speech House Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire.